69th WDA / 14th EWDA - Joint Conference - Cuenca, Spain

Travelling to Cuenca

- Trip to Cuenca

A) By plane and public transport

Step 1. From anywhere in the world to Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez International Airport.
Step 2. From Madrid Airport to Madrid Central Train Station (Atocha):

  1. Airport 24h Express Bus (25-40’)
  2. Metro (30-40’)
  3. Train 'Cercanías Renfe' (20-40')

Step 3. From 'Atocha' station to Cuenca 'Fernándo Zobel' Central Station:

  1. High-speed train (AVE) departs from Madrid Atocha Station almost every hour from 07.40 am to 21.10 (55-59')

Step 4. From Cuenca Central station to Cuenca:

  1. Bus (Line 1) departs every 30´daily from 7:30 am to 10:15 pm (every 60' on the weekend from 08:30 am to 10:30 pm) (15-20')

The Organizing Committee has agreed a reduction of 30% over the general fee with the National Railway Company (RENFE) for high-speed AVE trains and Long Distance trains that would apply to trips within Spain. The discount is incompatible with other discounts of application with the exception of those for official holders of the Large Family card.

The discount code will be particularly facilitated to participants by email once they have effectively registered to the Conference. Please, once you have registered, and if you’re interested in the discount, contact us at cuenca2020@viajeseci.es to ask for the discount code and make your train ticket booking with a cheaper cost. To make the discount effective, once you have the discount code, follow these instructions for ticket booking:

  1. Enter the Spanish national railway company website: www.renfe.com
  2. Select your origin and destination: from MADRID-PUERTA DE ATOCHA/other origin to CUENCA FERNANDO ZOBEL (High-speed trains) or CUENCA (TODAS) for other Long Distance trains to Cuenca.
  3. Select your departure and return dates.
  4. Click on ‘BUY’ and a new window will pop up with the available trains for the selected dates.
  5. Select your departure train by clicking on +.
  6. Select the ‘Flexible’ fare and click on ‘NEXT’.
  7. Select your return train by clicking on + and ensure you select the ‘Flexible’ fare as well before clicking on ‘NEXT’.
  8. Select the option ‘Congresos/Ferias’ in Price.
  9. Introduce the discount code in the ‘Número de Autorización’ window.
  10. Enter your personal details as requested by the company and purchase your tickets.

 Please, be aware that the discount will only apply for trains with destination(origin) CUENCA and only between Aug 28 and Sep 5, 2021.

B) By shared car

Those travelling from overland origins can sign up for car sharing by emailing us at ewdaresponsibletravel@gmail.com, either with or without a car. The Organizing Committee will do it’s best to assist in forming pools from similar origins. For questions about car sharing, please contact ewdaresponsibletravel@gmail.com.
Car-sharing pools will be created in batches by May 1st (3 months after opening registration), July 1st (after closing of the Early Bird Registration), and August 1st (one month before the conference). Afterwards, car-sharing will not be facilitated by the Organizing Committee any more, and can only be arranged via the Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/470225897196200/). If you are not using Facebook, please, link for car sharing on https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1uIukUgaF8zcjs6Gv74z0W02a1ti_DHq3R55QnlMgU5Y/edit
Please, if you are willing either to share a car or look after a seat in a shared car, email us at ewdaresponsibletravel@gmail.com with the following information:
Place of origin:
Travel info (origin-destination; dates and time of planned/required departure and arrival)

- I will go with my own car, and can offer … extra seats
- I can offer a car, when needed, and have ….. extra seats
- I don’t have a car and need a ride

Note: A special award has been created by the EWDA Sustainability Committee and the EWDA Student Chapter to challenge each of reduce the impact of travel to this event, as well as to stimulate our creative minds!
All participants are invited to join the challenge and make travel to this event both more fun and more responsible! See the ‘Conference Greening’ section for more details.